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Online pookkalam design competition for school students

How to Submit

  • Export your Pookalam from Figma
  • Fill the submission form
    - Use registered email id
    - Last date of submission: September 30 2022

Competition rules FAQ

Question 1

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate.

Question 2

Who is eligible to win prize?

Any student who is currently enrolled in a school or college is eligible to win prizes. There's a separate category for both.

Question 3

How many designs can I submit?

You can submit any number of designs. The best one will be chosen for evaluation.

Question 4

How will I know whether I won the prize?

The winners will be announced in the Friends of Figma Instagram page. You will also be intimated directly in the registered email id.

Question 5

How will my design be evaluated?

The design you submit will be evaluated based on criteria which include design quality, complexity & colour combinations by Friends of Figma team. Friends of Figma is an official Figma community.

Question 6

How will we verify whether you are eligible to win?

We will request to produce the student id card and to verify your eligibility.

Question 7

Can I participate if I am not from India?

Yes, you can participate from anywhere in the globe and you will be eligible to win prizes.